Klaus Rockenbauer
Photo: Nina Krzyzanski Photography

Klaus Rockenbauer is the person behind global-windphotos. The photographer and windtechnician was born in 1990, in Vienna and grew up in the windy Lower Austria. Already as a child Klaus had his first experiences with windturbines in his home area. Since that moment he knew THAT’S IT!

Now he is working and photographing in the windbusiness and since nearly ten years he travels around the world, with the aim to show the most interesting views and the beautiful harmony between windturbines and landscapes. Windfarms fall into disrepute to destroy landscapes and habitats but set in scene they can show enrichment and sometimes get touristic attractions too.

About Global-Windphotos…

… Global-Windphotos is an image database which shows the recent photos of Klaus Rockenbauer. They can be searched by keywords. Licenses for image usage are available after contacting. If desired motives are not available yet, or if you require specific photo shoots of your project, Klaus Rockenbauer will assist you in further requests.